January 02, 2006

Of Doug Bandow and Jack Abramoff (or whatever his name is)

One of the boiler plate topics in both Washington and Houston surrounds the high jinks of our own Sugar Land area Congressman Tom Delay. Congressman Delay has been indicted for something or another (it is hard for me to believe that I once breathlessly followed such things) and there is some high powered lobbyist Jack Abramoff (I do not know if this is his correct name and I could really care less) who is supposedly guilty of breaking some lobbying rules - yawn.

What is of a bit more interest to this political commentator who is slowly losing interest in political commentary is that there were think tank "fellows" who took payoffs from Abramoff, most notably The Cato Institute's Doug Bandow. Since I link to Cato on my website and still on occasion read their pages, it was of some interest to me as to the fact that Bandow took payoffs to write favorably about Abramoff's Indian casinos (or whatever it was that Abramoff wanted Bandow to write about). Since I plead guilty to not having read Cato's website in a while, I apparently missed that Cato came out against drug reimportation, ergo selling out their free trade dogmas.

With all of this in mind, I will link to Lew Rockwell's column on the entire affair.I particularly liked his links to Cato's 10 biggest donors.This should be another website I should link to. I also like this paragraph on so called "Progressive" journalism and "good government". I think the Houston Chronicle's journalists should take note:

"Something of the same Progressive-style na´vetÚ exists with the longing for pure, unadulterated journalism, journalism that is not influenced by lobbyists or peddlers but is directed solely toward the good of all. That is a ridiculous notion. I prefer the old 19th-century style journalism in which party hacks made their attachments explicit. But of course the political parties would much prefer it if the same case for their looting could be made without the motives being disclosed."

Every time I read the Chronicle breathlessly write about the misfortunes of Tom Delay and his cronies, I think of the writing above. There is no "Progressivism", only Progressive Enslavement. Instead of looting for Delay, his suburbanites, and for freeways, the Chron wants to loot for the Greater Houston Partnership and Metro. But the least I can say for Delay is that most people want to live in the suburbs and drive their cars around to get to places. Ergo, I throw my lot in with Delay and his looting crowd.

Note to self: I will never write a check out to Cato - or for any other Washington area think tank, political party, or interest group. They all have enough money for whatever it is that they want to do. I need to remember to stay local, as some of my friends don't have a dime to their name.

Posted by The Mighty Wizard at January 2, 2006 09:11 PM